[Java] New Relic Sending Null Pointer Exception Alert

Newrelic is showing transaction error as:
aggregateFacet: “WebTransaction/SpringController/login()GET::java.lang.NullPointerException”
error.class::"java.lang.NullPointerException "

And sending alert mails regarding the exception.

Is this because of a problem with agent version ?
Or what else it could be? How to troubleshoot this as the error is not so specific?


I would further assist you with the issue you are facing. Can you send the permalink to the application?

To create a permalink within the New Relic user interface, you can use the ‘Copy a short permalink’ button in the top right corner of the UI under your user profile or share the full URL from any page.

I’m not sure if I can share any link.
Can you help me with one query that might be related to this - Does New Relic checks for errors or exceptions occurring in the test class also?