[Java] Spring Boot app only showing JVM related data, not any transactions

Issue: Not seeing any data(all transaction, API related, or SQL related) except JVM released data.

I am using all supported systems here. It is a Springboot application.

After installing the javaagent application is also showing connected and JVM-related data is also appearing fine but no data related to transactions, API related, or SQL, errors.
In log also showing : Reporting to: https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/*/applications/
I ran the diagnosis tool as well, it is also showing all good.
None of the document is covering this issue.
Not sure what else missing? Please help me out.

Hi, @bharg.patel: It is a Web application? If not, you may need to add custom instrumentation.

So our application is a pure backend application with all REST API calls implementation. So do we need to implement the custom instrumentation? @philweber

If it responds to web requests, then I think the agent should be able to auto-instrument it. Hopefully a support engineer will be along soon to help you troubleshoot.

Please tag some support engineers here if possible @philweber Thank you.

Hi @bharg.patel, I believe one of our support engineers has reached out to you by DM about this.

@nmcnamara Yes, I am in touch with one of your engineers. But I guess I need more support. Still our company did not get any solution for this problem [dispatcher = unknown]even if we use all supporting tools. I am seeing another blog. [No APM data using Java Agent] with the same issue, did anyone got the solution.