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JDK Releases and the Java Agent



Hi New Relic community! I am the product manager for the Java Agent. I wanted to give you more information about the Java Agent’s support for new JDK releases.

Starting with Java 9, Oracle changed two fundamental ways in which it releases major version of the Java Developer Kit (JDK). Firstly, Oracle began to release major versions every six months. Secondly, it designated only a subset of these releases for Long Term Support (LTS). These changes help Oracle and the OpenJDK community to innovate and deliver more quickly and iteratively.

Following is the schedule that Oracle has declared so far:

| Release       | LTS        | GA Date | EOL     |
| 8             | LTS        | 2014-03 | 2019-01 |
| 9             | short term | 2017-09 | 2018-03 |
| 10 (aka 18.3) | short term | 2018-03 | 2018-09 |
| 11 (aka 18.9) | LTS        | 2018-09 | TBD     |

When Java 9 was released, New Relic was happy to provide support only days later. After that fanfare, customer adoption of Java 9 was very small in the few months following its release. New Relic anticipates that adoption of these short term releases will be modest.

New Relic customers have begun to ask when the New Relic Java Agent will support Java 10. The answer is very soon! We are testing compatibility so that we can provide the excellent support that customers expect.

Customers have also wondered whether New Relic is committed to quickly supporting Java 11 after its release. We anticipate that adoption for LTS releases like Java 11 will be be faster and broader, and our goal is to provide support for Java 11 within two weeks of its release.

I will update this post when we have a Java Agent release that supports Java 10. Thank you for your patience!

Java 10 support?
With support for Java 10, New Relic deprecates Java 6
Java 10 support?


Just wanted to check if there was any update on this. I see this post was made in early April. Is java 10 support still planned, or is it being side-lined in favor of supporting java 11 when that releases?

We’re trying to decide if we should continue waiting or if we should consider rolling our java version back.


Hi @stevenm. We still plan to support Java 10. It has taken us longer than we’d like. It’s unlikely that we will have support for it in June. We know this isn’t great news, but I hope it helps with your planning.

We may have an early access build prior to the release. If you would like to try that out when it’s available, please contact your sales representative. Thanks.


After June has also gone by are there any news regarding an ETA? :slight_smile:


@mde Hey Michael,

I’ve sent this question over to @chansen for you :slight_smile: I’ll follow up when I hear back.

That said, the same message still stands in regards to the early access build. If you would like to try that, you can get in touch with your account executive.
(I can help get you in touch if you’re unsure who your sales rep is.)


Thanks for your patience as we adjust to the six-month Java release cycle of short-term and long-term releases. It is still our intention to support Java 10, especially since that compatibility will be needed to prepare for supporting Java 11 (LTS) when it’s released. I should have more to share on Java 10 in the next week or two.

Java 10 support?

Hey, @chansen! Any news on JDK10 support?


No news today, @serce! Our updates around our Java 10 plans should be coming shortly, please hang tight! and check back soon.


Thanks for your patience, everyone. We expect to release Java 10 compatibility in early August. If you would like to try an early agent build, please contact your sales representative. Otherwise, look for it in our early August release. We have done some pre-work for Java 11 so that we can provide Java 11 compatibility when it’s released.


Hi Ryan,

thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the late answer on my site.
Actually we would be willing to try an early access build if this is still makes sense. As we war not a paying customer (yet) I am not sure who our sales rep is and would be glad if you could help out :wink:


Hey @mde At the moment we are keeping our early access entry to the Java 10 supporting agent quite limited, and the spaces in the early access program filled up pretty quickly, right now there are no additional spaces left.

That said, as @chansen noted, the full agent release in early August will come with Java 10 support.


We have added support for Java 10 in the version of the Java agent released last week! Please update to Java agent 4.4.0 so that you can monitor your Java 10 applications and services. Thanks for your patience!


Hi New Relic users,

I’m happy to announce that New Relic has added support for Java 11, just eight days after the release ofd Java 11! Please update to Java agent 4.7.0 so that you can monitor your Java 11 applications and services.

Other big news: Many of our customers run on OpenJDK with the Java agent, but in the past we did not document that we officially support it. We have beefed up our test suite for OpenJDK and we’re happy to announce that we support the same version range for OpenJDK. Just make sure you are running a GA version of OpenJDK. Branch or pre-release versions are not supported.