JS Errors are not shown - Browser Copy Paste Method

Hey Team,

I am using Browser Copy Paste code in React JS app. I have placed this code in head tag before any other JS code, but below the meta tags.

I am able to see the Session Trace, Page Views and other data, but JS Error, console errors or network errors are not reported.

Can anyone please let me know if I am missing anything OR should I use APN with NodeJS integration?

Hey Team,

Can anyone please guide on this issue?

@Vaibhav_Patil Hey there! One common thing we see is if deploying the Lite browser agent, you would only see PageView data and not Session traces, JavaScript Errors or Ajax Request data. Since it sounds like you are seeing Session traces, we might be able to rule that out.

Do you see browser data being ingested on the JavaScript Errors/Ajax Request endpoint in the Network tab of the developer console? That endpoint would be /jserrors/* and I’m including more details here:

Also, this troubleshooting guide may also help point you in the right direction, thanks!

If the above guide doesn’t help resolve this, are you able to share a permalink to the browser application from your account? I’d be happy to take a look at a few more things. Thanks again!

@cfrankenfield thank you for reply and reference posts.

I have gone through both the posts and looked at the Network tabs.

I can see the data is posted to /jserrors/* endpoint, but still can’t see anything in NewRelic dashboard.

In below screenshot, I can see some /jserrors/* requests are in pending state for long time.

I can see similar type of pending request for /resources/* requests also. I have tried to ping * bam.nr-data.net, but don’t see any issues.

Is browser copy paste method is right way to integrate in SPA apps?

@Vaibhav_Patil Thanks for the additional detail! You can certainly use copy/paste method of installation for the browser agent in your SPA application.

Would you please be able to share a link to the browser application from your account? I’d like to take a look at what I can see in the data there.

Is your app public? If yes, would you please be able to share the page url? I would also like to look at the installation.

For more context, all of our browser endpoints respond either with 200 status code for success or 400 for a failed request. If Chrome (or whatever browser) is showing pending, then the response has not been received for some reason. One common reason is some Chrome extension blocking the request/response (e.g., an ad blocker).

It also happens when these calls are made during page unload (the browser in that case does not wait for the response). In any case, if the request is not blocked by something like an ad blocker and our backend receives it, then it will be processed independently of the response code that the browser receives.

Keep me posted on your links above and I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks!