JSON data for webhooks under AI Ops

Using this information, we are able to send data for normal alerts webhook integration.
When we try to use the same at AI Ops webhook, it doesn’t work instead it shows the variables directly. Especially for MS Teams, we have implemented the below example which is working with proper info.

“text”: ’ Description: {{ description }} \n\nPriority: {{ priority }} \n\nstate: {{ state }} \n\nIssue Id: {{ id }} \n\nurl: {{ url }}’

Is there a doc where we can check with valid parameters for webhooks of AI Ops? so that we can add additional data to the above json.

Found this link with valid json example.


Couldn’t find how to pass custom variable info…did anyone try to send custom data to AI Ops webhook.

@nagendrakunduri Sorry you have been waiting awhile for a response from our community. I’m going to bring this back to the attention of our support team. Thanks for your patience!

Neal Mc

Hi @nagendrakunduri, could you let me know more information about what type of custom variable you’re trying to pass along through an Incident Intelligence webhook?

Although the variable names will be different, most of the metadata available in Alerts should be available in Incident Intelligence. If you could give me an example of a specific variable from Alerts that you’d like represented in Incident Intelligence, I can look into that.

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