K8s - CRI Support

Will the Kubernetes Integration support CRI-O or Containerd?

@ChiefAlexander We don’t have a specific timeline for supporting CRI-O or Containerd.
I have added a feature request for this.
Why are you considering to replace docker, is it for performances?

Openshift 4 switched to cri-o for instance

@marcel4 Thanks for the update! If you’re also interested in the results of this Feature Idea, I can bump it with our team internally.


All instances of Azure Kubernetes Service after Kubernetes Version 1.19 is running containerd as well.

I am also interested in this.

Thanks @sultan.gillani - I have added you to the feature request and appreciate your feedback!

What’s the status of this if I may enquire? I am testing NewRelic on one of our lower environmetns and can see my hosts, but the infra overview says “Docker containers” and being on Azure Kubernetes, it is using containerd by default.
With more and more platforms going this way, forced by the deprecation of docker-shim, unfortunately this makes NewRelic an unsuitable candidate for adoption if there is no solution available.

I’m hoping i’ve just missed some documentation around this, but it’s quite worrying that this hasn’t been implemented 2 years on, especially with the industry wide move to CRI…

Hi all! Kubernetes monitoring should work for Openshift and CRI-O. I would advise to try it.

You can read more about the compatibility here.

You will only miss the details of docker processes in the process sample.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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Thank you for the response, would you be able to inform us as to whether utilising the K8s integration to click-through from the Infrastructure page will become available anytime soon?

It would be really really great to be able to see the containers running on a host by clicking through from the page, especially when considering that the containers list on the entity page can not be filtered by hostname at all…

Are there any workarounds to provide a overview of containers utilisation in a list and easily filter by host that you might know of in the meantime?