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K8s to measure application objectives


I need some clarity on a question. If I am trying to monitor the performance of an application on a K8s cluster, is there an equivalent to the duration measurement from the Transaction Event type?

Here is a transaction I run to get the percentage of time an application meets expectations and I’m trying to figure out how to do it with K8s Event Types

SELECT percentage(count(duration), WHERE duration <= 1) FROM Transaction since 30 days ago


Hi, @reopelle.scott: An application doesn’t know (or care) whether it’s running on a physical host, in a VM, in a container, or whether that container is standalone or managed by an orchestration tool like Kubernetes. Transaction response time is transaction response time, regardless of how the application is deployed.

K8s event types are about measuring the performance of the infrastructure, not the applications running on it. You may find this blog post helpful:


@philweber is this to say that any application that is configured to report its transaction details will go to the transaction event types regardless of it’s hosted solution? I now understand the the K8s event types are roughly the ‘infrastructure’ events equivalent to a server O/S.

This ends up with the query being:
SELECT percentage(count(duration), WHERE duration <= 1) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = <My K8s AppName> since 30 days ago


Yes, that is correct: Transaction data will be recorded as Transaction events, regardless of whether an app is hosted on Kubernetes.