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Kubernetes agent installation help



Could some one share some document to help Kubernetes NewRelic installation

  1. Installed NewRelic infra on Kubernetes master
  2. Need to capture Agent metrics, do we need to install Agent in every pod or we can have it at master level ?
  3. Our application has Go, Python. Does the Agent need to be part of Application Server? or do we need to bundle it part of docker image?
  4. our limitation is we are trying to capture vendor application and dont have option to build the code.
    I checked all documentation but couldnt find help related to these question, appreciate if you could shed some light.


Hey @Satyapal.Guduru if you’re wanting to gather application level metrics you’ll want to focus on our APM agent and how it is installed. In this case you’ll need to instrument each application instance. Here are the install instructions for Go agent and python agent.


Sure. Thank you for the info @avialpando


Hey @Satyapal.Guduru - Let us know how things go with @avialpando’s advice, post back here if there’s anything else you need help with :laughing: