Latest Chrome Versions for Synthetic Monitoring

Do you know when the latest chrome versions will be updated for synthetics? Currently, New Relic is using version 72 which lack some features seen in the latest version of chrome (v90 or higher).


@ryanyim This is a feature that our product team is currently reviewing. We will update the community once a decision has been made. Thanks :slight_smile:

Our team is also interested in this question. We recently started using functions like optional chaining. This causes our synthetics to fail, as the page no longer renders.

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Hi, would you mind expanding on what optional chaining is and an example of how you implement it in your synthetic monitoring?

Hi, @rishav.dhar:

I think @rick.eubanks uses it in the JavaScript on their pages. Because Chrome 72 does not support it, their pages do not render in New Relic Synthetics.


Has there been any update on this topic? Our team has hit versioning issues as well with the outdated Chrome.

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No updates. The team is working on this.

Oh my! I replied and totally forgot to check back for responses and to answer any follow up questions!

Yes, @philweber is correct. Optional Chaining was introduced in Chrome ver 80. We have dev teams that are interested in starting to use this, but when it attempts to load the page, it loads to a blank screen instead due to the outdated chromedriver.

@bkucey Thanks for getting a reply in! Any rough time lines on when we could see this update hit?

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Can we get an ETA on when this change might be available?

As stated HERE, the latest scripted browser synthetic runtime (0.6.X) is using Chrome 72 (Release date: January 2019) and node 10.15.0 (December 2018). You are literally more than 2 years behind on updates.

My application under test uses features that aren’t supported on such an old version of chrome, so I can’t test my application using New Relic scripted browser synthetics. Even if my application worked, it might not be representative of what customers are seeing, since they almost certainly aren’t using Chrome 72 anymore.


We’re currently working on an updated version of Chrome, and significant updates to our runtime which will enable us to make more frequent upgrades moving forward. We will be releasing public beta access to this new runtime later this year.


Is there a further update on this please?


Checking in for an update. The monitoring that we had in place are now all failing due to the outdated version of chrome.

Hi folks,

We are still working on this - the synthetics team have the new runtime as their top priority. As far as I know the early access beta will be coming in early 2022.

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Hi @RyanVeitch, that’s great news, thank you!

Can we get notified somehow once this feature is available?

Will this include Selenium WebDriver 4.x?

This chrome upgrade is a must and I hope to see it ASAP. Currently, we cannot use scripted browsing anymore!


Hey @gwilkes !
We are currently using Selenium WebDriver 4.

@tech221 you can keep an eye here for updates on various products:

@ahoffmann any further updates on this, we’ve had to stop using synthetics as our sites show you a message to update your browser as it’s so out of date.

No other updates at this time. We will definitely let you know as soon as we can share something.

Hi @hross

Please let us know once this is available. This is kind of critical do our monitoring/observability targets since last month.


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