Level=error msg="could not queue event" component=Agent entityKey= error="could not queue event: queue is full"

I’m seeing these errors in logs and atlast found out we need to add event_queue_depth to newrelic-infra.yml file and increase value

level=error msg=“could not queue event” component=Agent entityKey= error=“could not queue event: queue is full”

But i don’t see any way to add this option in newrelic-infra.yml file through newrelic community chef cookbook

Hey there! It looks like the New Relic cookbook is a community-supported endeavor, so I’m unable to get too into the weeds with configuration. However, according to the documentation listed here, you can add attributes to your config file with:

default['newrelic_infra']['config']['attributeName'] = 'value'

so assumedly you could add event_queue_depth with something like:

default['newrelic_infra']['config']['event_queue_depth'] = '2000'

I would recommend starting with a value of 2000, and seeing if the messages disappear from the logs with that. If they still appear, increment the value by 1000 each time. Eventually they’ll stop appearing!