Link to logs from dashboard

Is it possible to add a “go to” link to the actual logs of the query from the dashboard’s graph?

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Hi @kalle2

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Great question, currently we dont have this feature. However it sounds like a great idea, I can create a feature request on your behalf should you wish.

Please let me know if you wish for me to make the Feature Request idea for you.

Hi @dcody,

Yes, please.

I do know there is a chart that shows your records in a table-like presentation that provides a link right bottom “Open in logs”. Is this link adjustable?

Kind regards,

Kalle Penders

One option you have is Markdown Charts. In my own Dashboards I usually use Markdown charts to feature useful links off to either other areas of New Relic, or anywhere else that may be useful as I’m analysing the data. Here’s an example

Alternatively yes you have a Logs table component you can add to dashboards with it’s ‘Open in Logs’ link. But that link is not adjustable.

So @dcody’s Feature Request will help with that, as well as for the ability to dynamically construct URLs through NRQL Query results.