Log Subscript Filter Error - AWS/Lambda

Hey all,

I received the following error when running the subscription installation on my Lambda Functions so I can see the Events under “invocations” and “errors”.

WARNING: Found a log subscription filter that was not installed by New Relic. This may prevent the New Relic log subscription filter from being installed. If you know you don’t need this log subscription filter, you should first remove it and rerun this command. If your organization requires this log subscription filter, please contact New Relic at serverless@newrelic.com for assistance with getting the AWS log subscription filter limit increased.

I reached out to “serverless@newrelic.com”, but I received no response.

Has anyone seen this error before and if so, can I resolve it without having to wait to hear back from New Relic? I emailed them 4 days ago and no response.

Hey @michael91,

Thanks for writing here about that subscription filter warning. It may not cause an issue unless you have reached the subscription filter limit on the function’s log group. This warning might also be a bit dated from the time when AWS allowed only 1 subscription filter. They now allow 2.

How many subscription filters do you have on the function not including New Relic?

The other option is to bypass CloudWatch altogether with our Extension. It is built into every one of our layers and can be configured to ship invocation telemetry directly to New Relic without needing a subscription filter. This can save money but also reduces latency.

Extension config options