Logs timestamp is in PST

Logs timestamp shows in PST when user Time Zone is GMT. Is there any way to toggle the timestamp to convert to GMT please?

Hi @abrus.ali Recently there was an update to a feature idea about account timezone.

Feature Idea: Cannot set timezone on my account New Relic Accounts

Hey all - An update here - now users of all types should be able to update their time zone in the account preferences screen. We just released this update last week. You should see an option for updating your time zone in your account preferences (per this doc: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/accounts/install-new-relic/account-setup/change-your-account-time-zone-setting). The one exception is for customers using AUM or SCIM - your preferences are set with your identity provider.

The exception that is listed for AUM and SCIM preferences being set by the identity provider, could that be the cause for your issue?