"Logs usage" Seems faulty

Hi there;

First post - so not really sure who’s reading this :slight_smile:

I’ve set up a bunch of drop-filters for incoming logs… The “logs usage” view under “view your usage” is the same however…
I’ve just setup a drop filter for ALL Get requests(the logs are mainly access logs and error logs).
I noticed a steep drop in the amount of logs in the main graph in the logs UI.

The “logs usage” keeps hovering around the same 6-7 gigs pr. day… which is simply absurd; we used to have about 10 gigs a month when using Papertrail.

Is there something I’m not getting???
Is the logs usage not working?



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Hi @peter65 -

Many apologies. This topic got stuck in limbo and I just discovered that it had never received a response. I’m wondering if you ever sorted this or if you would like us to still take a look with you.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.