Looking for Beta Users for Oracle & PCF Integrations

Hey all!

Blue Medora, who has made many of the Plugins in Plugin Central, has started to create their first Infrastructure Integrations! We are starting with Oracle & PCF.

We are looking for people who are interested in getting early access and would like to play with our Oracle or PCF Integrations.

If you are interested, feel free to post below or send me a direct message. Thanks!

Hi @jonescam - Can you provide more details on the Oracle beta? What versions of Oracle and what operating systems?

Also, will a Blue Medora account need to be purchased to actually get the integration to work?

Hey @stefan_garnham,

We will be supporting Oracle 11.2+.

You do not need a Blue Medora account. You can install the Integration locally on your Infrastructure agent (and connect locally or remotely to your Oracle Database). The only credentials you will need is read-only credentials to your Oracle Database.

Thanks, can you confirm the supported operating systems as we run Oracle on Solaris?

Hey @stefan_garnham

I don’t believe that should be a problem. However, I will check with my engineering team to verify (I am the Product Manager for the Integrations).

That being said, you can install this on a separate host and remotely connect to your databases as well.

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more from our engineering team.

Hey @stefan_garnham

I have confirmed that our only requirements are the ability to connect to the New Relic Infrastructure Agent as well as Java. If you have an Infrastructure Agent on Solaris, we should work just fine.

Otherwise, we can always do the remote connection from another host.

Hmmm, not really a plugin if there is a requirement on the Infrastructure agent in my opinion.

Is it not possible to leverage the Infrastructure SDK without requiring a full Infrastructure agent license?


You are correct that it is only possible to leverage the Infrastructure SDK with an Infrastructure Pro-licensed account.

Also, at this point, Infrastructure isn’t supported on the Solaris OS, but as @jonescam pointed out, you should be able to install this on a separate host running a supported OS and connect to your database(s) remotely.

Did the Oracle Integration plugin ever come to fruition? I’d be interesting in testing it out, if so. Please let me know. Thanks!

@jonescam - We now have infrastructure agents installed following the server agent demise. As we are running several Oracle databases, I would be interested in seeing how far this has progressed along with trialling it for feedback from our DBA’s.