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Machines give alerts until restarting new relic service


Hello everyone.

I have a situation that, without having any internet loss or machine restart;
New Relic gives us alerts that machines are not responding.

Alerts are closing after I manually restart new relic service. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but the fact that I control 70+ different computers via new relic.

I am having 15-20 alerts like this during a day and I have to restart manually by connecting each computer one by one.

What should I do to fix this or should New Relic fix this problem?



Hi @omer.gunduz - Have you performed any network analysis to see if the tests are failing due to timeouts? Is this using Synthetic ping alerts or the APM availability tests?


@omer.gunduz it looks like these are for the Server Not Reporting feature of the legacy alerting system. The way this feature works can lead to some confusion and this is a big part of why we built Infrastructure and the new Alerts system. We also just announced some important news for these features that I would encourage you to have a look over.

Infrastructure also supports the Host no Reporting feature so, while we’ve rebuilt the infrastructure monitoring and Alerts tools from the ground up, we’ve got the functionality you’re used to and so very much more.

I actually wrote a post about Server Not Reporting awhile back to try and explain a little bit of why the feature was inherently temperamental. It’s a bit of a long read but then the topic bears explanation, in my opinion.

Please have a look over both of these posts and if you’ve got further questions don’t hesitate to reply here. I know that there might be questions around this transition, or the necessity for it, and we’re here to help.