Metric grouping issue / deny-new-metrics

Our application seems to have had an automatic deny-new-metrics rule added to it. Can somebody here help remove this? (the notification in the portal mentions that only a new relic administrator can remove it)

Hey there @webscale - nice to see you back in the community. Based on your title, it sounds like you have run into an issue where you are creating too many metrics, and you would benefit from grouping them together.

We have some documentation on Metric Grouping Issues that should be good background for you.

That doc also includes steps for remediation in all our language agents. However, if this does not set you on the right path, please let me know!

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Thanks @hross,

Perhaps we do have a grouping issue, but the immediate issue is that new metrics are blocked, and we cannot remove that block ourselves.


Our application is quite large and, of the first 1000 matches this rule shows us, all look legitimate as it seems that the .net agent has done a good job creating the transaction names without guids or other variables. I have added some rules to group static content, but I can’t see any other metrics that look out of the ordinary.

Are you able to help remove this ‘Deny new metric’ rule?

@WebScale I have reached out to our accounts team to assist you with this. They will follow up with you shortly by email.