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Minion version compatability with Ubuntu



Our host where the minion lives (1.0-snapshot-b2ea0e014f) needs to be upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (VM).
I would like to know if such OS level is supported by the Minion code.

P.S. I know we must upgrade the minion version also.


Hi @leozu - Are you looking to upgrade the Private Minion VM OS? Or the OS of the host this VM is installed on?

I will say, as a heads up, that we do not support VM installations that have been altered in any way from the provided file.

Updates to the provided files are not tested by us, and so the behaviour and implications of these updates is unknown & cannot be supported.


Hi Ryan.
Thanks for the clarification, time ago a team mate asked NR to create an docker image with the latest minion version, Any idea who is in charge to build such images?


Hey @leozu - I would say that your account rep would be the person to reach out to for something like this.


Thanks a lot, seems we are using “Virtual Private Minions” in our virtual machine but it will be sunset soon then I’ll not invest time on this, better I’ll use CPM instead but I need test it first.
Is there an issue if for -test purposes- I use our MINION_PRIVATE_LOCATION_KEY?


@leozu - So if you configure a CPM to use the same location as the legacy Virtual Private minions, both minions will run jobs from the same queue. That is fine from the New Relic perspective and no problem doing that but if you wish to test in isolation without running your production Synthetics checks, I’d recommend standing up a secondary location and using that key instead of the same one and then configure some of your checks to use that location or create one new ones entirely.


Done, thanks a lot for the support just a question, there was a a sort minion dashboard (http://URL_FOR_MINION:8080/overview) for the legacy virtual private minions, Does CPM have a similar dashboard?


Minions are no available as docker images. I’m running them on Ubuntu 18.04.