Missing New Relic Alerts

Hi New Relic,

I have not been receiving my New Relic alerts for the past week to 10 days. It does not seem to be a problem with the version of the plugin we are using for Ruby. Would you be able to guide us please?

Best regards,
Charu Khamitkar

Hey @charu_khamitkar! I am not an expert, but I can share some great documentation on why Alerts may not fire.

Some context to know is: it is easy to miss in our documentation is when notifications are sent. Notifications are sent at three times:

  1. When an incident opens
  2. When an incident is acknowledged
  3. When an incident closes

Note that no notification is sent when a violation opens or closes. Notifications are tied to Alert Incidents, not violations.

If this resonates with your situation, feel free to check in on your Incident Preferences per this doc.

I realize I maybe oof base when it comes to your particular issue, but I hope that is helpful! Let me know what else you need! :blush: