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MobileRequest/MobileRequestError requestPath captured is not proper for few Api's


Hi NewRelic Team,

We are using New Relic in our MobileApplication. We have observed that for couple of Api’s captured requestPath is not proper, it’s containing *. We do capture requestPath in custom event as well, which is showing correct data, also this issue we are seeing in only 1 market.
We are using query below

SELECT count(*) FROM MobileRequest WHERE appName LIKE ‘US%’ AND requestDomain = ‘’ AND requestPath NOT LIKE ‘%v3%’ SINCE 1 day ago FACET requestPath

It’s giving data like below

This is impacting our data monitoring.
However the same query in our Non-Production environment giving proper data, also it is returning proper data for the other markets.

Please tell us what can be the reason behind it? We are using New relic client version 5.18.1.



Hi Rameshvar,

Thanks for opening an internal with us regarding this issue as well. It looks like we are working through it and a resolution will be arrived at soon.