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Monitor AEM JMX replication agent using New Relic


I want to monitor the below JMX attribute’s values through New Relic.

For that i followed this documentation

Here is my .yml file inside/newrelic/extensions/
name: AEM-Stage-JMX
version: 1.0
enabled: true

  • object_name: com.adobe.granite.replication:id=“publish”,type=agent

    • attributes: QueueBlocked, Enabled, QueuePaused
      type: simple
  • object_name: com.adobe.granite.replication:id=“publish”,type=agent

    • attributes: QueueStatusTime, QueueNumEntries
      type: monotonically_increasing

But in new relic insights i dont see the values which we are expecting for example for “Enabled” i want to monitor whether the value is true or false .If false new relic should create an alert.Any suggestion how can i do this?


Hi Sina,

One option would be to send this data to Insights as custom events. Unfortunately, what you’re trying to do cannot be done using the YAML file and can only be done programmatically by called the Java Agent’s API within your application code. If modifying your code is an option, we have the ability to send custom data to Insights, and here’s some documentation to help you on your way:

Insert Custom Events via the Java Agent

Hopefully this helps!


Thanks ,will look into it.


@Sina Let us know if you have made progress or if you have any more questions! :blush:


hi,Could not manage time to do it now.For the time being we are monitoring manually.


Understandable. We are here if you need us!


We got another solution in nagios (chek_jmx) plugin and using that one for monitoring and alert.