Monitor AWS App Runner with New Relic

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers AWS App Runner as a fully managed service to enable developers to quickly build and deploy containerized web applications, mobile backends, and APIs securely, at scale, and with no prior infrastructure experience required.

App Runner automatically takes care of your runtime configuration, networking, load balancing, and integration with your deployment pipeline. It also seamlessly scales resources up or down based on traffic needs, thus removing the need to worry about provisioning additional infrastructure.

Today, New Relic is announcing an integration with App Runner. Use New Relic to monitor and optimize your containerized applications, ensure they perform as expected, and validate that the App Runner service was deployed correctly. In addition, collect metrics, events, and logs, giving complete visibility into your containerized application.

Metrics and logs for AWS App Runner displayed in New Relic

In this example dashboard provided in the IO QuickStart, you can see the data needed to monitor the health of your App Runner deployment, including latency, traffic, errors, and utilization.

From this dashboard, you can see whether RequestLatency is associated with CPUUtilization, MemoryUtilization, or change in the total number of Requests. For example, suppose you determine latency issues are associated with utilization. In that case, it is possible that your resources are underprovisioned and auto-scaling settings or CPU units reserved need adjusting to prevent a degraded customer experience.

Conversely, if CPUUtilization or MemoryUtilization is much lower than the threshold consistently, you may consider scaling back your provisioned resources to be more cost-effective.

Troubleshoot errors and alert on key metrics like 4xxStatusResponses and 5xxStatusResponses and see the error percentage along with successful 2xxStatusResponses requests.

Finally, if you see an increase in errors, you can quickly find the root cause of the issue by reviewing your logs within the New Relic platform.

Next steps

To begin exploring how to instrument AWS App Runner with New Relic visit our docs, quickstarts, or sign up for a free account (100 GB/month of free data ingest, one free full-access user, and unlimited free basic users).

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