Monitor is missing its Entity


What I’m describing here used to work a day or so ago.

We use NR API to create monitors and then to tag them with some metadata. The tagging takes place immediately after creation.

The tagging part stopped working at some stage today. We are not getting any errors, just tags are not applied.

We did a bit of troubleshooting and it looks like data synchronization problem.

  1. The monitor is created correctly

  1. But when I try to follow View this monitor in New Relic One link I get an empty screen

  1. Same when I try to query the data using GraphQL

  1. Synthetics seems to work.

What do you recommend we do next? Our monitoring system relies on tags and right now we have limited insight into what is happening in our systems.



Quick update, it looks like the entity for this monitor is available now.

Another example where Monitor API, Synthetics and GraphQL return different data. Is there a way to escalate this ticket? This discrepancy is causing us a lot of trouble.


Data exists


Data does NOT exist

Monitor API

Data does NOT exist

Hi @ef6579148a2533314eca - I understand that Synthetics Entities in NR1 are re-indexed every ~4 hours, or, when a change is made on an entity. if that monitor you created was only just created, then it may be the case that it hadn’t yet been indexed, and the logic to index on change (ie: Monitor creation) didn’t trigger. That may be a bug.

As for the issue with the GraphQL result showing a non-existent monitor ID, I’m really unsure how to explain that. I’m going to DM you here in a moment.

Hi Ryan,

Just to make sure we are on the same page. GraphQL is the odd one here. We’ve never had any sync problems with Synthetics. We see data there within seconds of it being created via Monitor API.

In the first example GraphQL doesn’t see data we expect to exist. In the second example GraphQL returns data that shouldn’t exist.

Happy to provide as much data as you need.



I see! That’s clarification that is helpful for my colleagues in the Ticket we have opened with you :slight_smile: I’ll make sure that’s noted in there.

Hey @RyanVeitch, any updates on this issue?

Hi @pawel.pabich the latest I see in the support ticket is that my colleague @alanbuckley is in discussion with our Synthetics development team about this. No update on a fix just yet.


@alanbuckley has there been any progress on this issue?

I would appreciate more regular updates.



It looks like Alan has replied to you in your ticket overnight :slight_smile: