Monitoring Confluent Replicator via JMX

Hi everyone,

I am very new to New Relic, please forgive me if I ask you something that’s part of the basics.
I am trying to monitor the Confluent Replicator. Therefore I ingest the jmx metrics of Kafka Connect to New Relic.

I can find this metrics when I use the Explorer. There are several hundert metric endpoints. Now I have to bulid a query on that. I need to know the higest value of these within the last hour.

I tried to write an NRQL Query “SELECT max(records-lag) FROM ?? SINCE 1 hour ago”.
My problem is, that I do not know what I am supposed to put in the FROM clause.

I am asked for an event type. But I only have metrics.

What have I to do?

Thank you.

Hi, @mihenn: New Relic works with two kinds of data: metrics and events. Metrics (or metric timeslices) are aggregated data recorded at intervals, usually once per minute. Events are discrete… events (I can never think of a synonym) that occurred at a specific point in time, like a transaction executing or a browser page loading.

Only event data may be queried with NRQL. Unfortunately, JMX metrics are metric data; you can display them on a chart and add them to a dashboard, but you cannot use NRQL to query them.

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Thanks for that quick response. Is there an other way than NRQL to put an alert on a group of metrics?

Yes! If you create an APM application metric condition, you can select “Search metric names…” from the dropdown list, and find the metric you wish to monitor:

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