MSSQL Integration under 30 day trial

We are evaluating Infrastructure under a 30 day trial and trying to test the MSSQL monitoring integration. We believe that we have the yml file configured properly and can see that infrastructure agent is running because it’s reporting data. However the MSSQL monitoring is not reporting data. Can you run the MSSQL monitoring under the 30 day trial?

Hi @twells1 - An infrastructure 30-day trial will allow you to install all the On-Host Integrations including our MSSQL Integration.

Can you please check that you have followed our compatibility and requirements and our installation guide for the integration.

If you are attempting to setup the integration for a multi-instance stack please see a useful post here.

A common pitfall is that the user credentials added to the config file do not match those that are used to login to the DB instance. To verify this, open a cmd prompt with admin privileges and run the command below with these credentials:

sqlcmd -U [username] -S [host name]\[instance name]

If you’re still having issues please provide a copy of your config (with sensitive information obfuscated).


New relic Team, seems your documentation for MSSQL Integration has some issues. Mainly the script to create user and grant read permissions, it only creates the user but granting read permissions is missing. May be this could be one issue.

@gopikrishna.tula - Thanks for the information - I’ll pass this on to the documentation team :smiley:

Actually - @gopikrishna.tula - I just checked the docs - it seems that there is a section on adding read permissions:

Is this the wrong doc I’m looking at? or, could you clarify what you’re looking for in the docs?

Yup, you are on the correct page. It has the read permissions but the script given doest not actually give read permissions. It only is creating a user but not giving the read permissions. If you look at the script closely, it says below
EXECUTE(‘USE "’ + @name + ‘"; CREATE USER user_name FOR LOGIN login_name;’ );
FETCH next FROM db_cursor INTO @name

It also needs to have a line added to alter the role db_datareader and add member to that role in order to get read permissions :). Cheers

May be your documentation team understands once they review the script and check if it is actually granting read access or just creating the user and doing nothing? :slight_smile:

I’m going to send this to my Technical Support colleagues who specialise in the MSSQL integration - they’ll be able to get the right script sent to the docs team to add on to that doc. :smiley:

Great!. Good to hear :smile:

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No problem! Sorry you had to work with somewhat incomplete docs! - I appreciate you calling it out for us to update :smiley: