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Multi column table data


Hi there,

I want to create a multi column table from custom event data. We use WordPress and I sent custom data for the plugin name name and version when it is updated. What I would like ti to build a table that has: plugin name, plugin version and count

I use this
SELECT count(plugin name) FROM deployment FACET plugin name Limit 200

And it provides a table
plugin name - count
Yoast SEO - 6

Yet what I want is
plugin name - plugin version - count
Yoast SEO - 1.6 - 6

I have all the data in New Relic, I just can’t seem to access it

Is it possible?




Hi, @grant.donovan: Unfortunately, Insights does not support FACET on multiple attributes (pluginName and pluginVersion) in a single query. You may either pass a third attribute (pluginNameAndVersion), or build a dashboard with two widgets: one for plugin name and one for plugin version. Link the name widget to the dashboard, so that when you select a plugin name, the version widget shows the number of events for each version.

Here’s an example using browser data:

When the user selects a browser name from the table on the left, the dashboard is filtered to that the pie chart shows the number of PageViews for each version of the selected browser.