Multiple events per data point

Hi there

I am a bit lost on this one, and am sure I am missing something obvious

I was thinking to using custom events to log information about one event and then show multiple lines on one graph, this is for getting predicted and real cost of using an api

product id = 1234
predicted = 200
actual cost = 100

product id = 5678
predicted = 200
actual cost = 100

I would then be able to graph this with the IDs on the bottom of a graph, numbers on the left and two lines, one for predicted and the other actual. I am not worried about the actual product id, I just want to see a graph with two lines, for the 2 measures.

Is that possible?


Hi, @grant.donovan: I don’t think it is. Line charts in New Relic are time series charts; they are designed to show times on the X-axis. I don’t think it’s possible to show arbitrary values on the X-axis of a line chart.

You could create a graph showing a line for the predicted cost of a product ID over time, one line for each ID. Then you could have two charts: one for predicted cost, and the other for actual.