Muting Rule listed times are 1 hour off the edited Muting Rule times


Last week I created several Muting Rules. The times listed on the Muting Rules List agree with the Muting Rule times configured. One of our Muting Rules fired this weekend. I went into it to Edit it to the next Monthly Maintenance dates. I specified the start time as 11pm and the end time as 8am the following morning. When I saved that and it returned to the Muting Rule list, the times on that list show 10pm and 7am, instead of 11pm and 8am. The other Muting Rules that I defined last week all display the correct times on the list as they were defined as. Only the edited time is off by 1 hour. Please advise.

@kathleen.l.carson Hi, and welcome to the community. :slight_smile: First, it’s been awhile since you posted this, sorry about that… but wondering if you are still experiencing this incorrect times with your muting rules? I’ve also reached out to our support team to see if they can provide some tips/tricks with these.


Hi @kathleen.l.carson

I wanted to check in to see if this behavior is still happening. We’ve been working on a lot of UI fixes lately, so this may have been addressed incidentally as part of the overall improvements we’ve been doing. If it’s still happening, though, I’ll open a support ticket so that we can engage with engineering if necessary.

I hope it’s no longer happening, but I’m eager to dig in and investigate if it still is!