My Stack trace was only partially deobfuscated

Recently I move our application from a single module to multiple modules structure. And now when I see a new crash that’s coming from the new module, it’s giving this message.

This occurrence was only partially deobfuscated. It looks like you are missing one or more mapping files for this build. To make your data more useful, upload a mapping file.

I only found one mapping file inside my main application generated by proguard.
I’m having trouble to figure out how to fix this deobfuscated issue.


Hi Sorry to hear you’re having trouble deobfuscating your Android crashes; definitely happy to lend a hand!

As a starting place, I want to refer you to this really fantastic Level-up post my colleague wrote: Relic Solution: Why is my crash obfuscated in New Relic dashboard? (Android). I think this should outline a lot of the troubleshooting tasks initially needed to resolve this issue.

Of course, if you continue to have trouble after reviewing this documentation and walking through the steps outlined there please let me know and I’d be happy to assist further!