Need help creating alerts for Slack channel

Hi @dcody Need your support Creating alerts and integrating in to slack channel.

I am creating a new notification channel slack , it is pointing some inputs .

Name : chanel name
hookURL : Need your inputs to add hookurl
MY confusion it is same as our slack host url or i need to generate webhook url please confirm me.

from my slack page i unable to get settings option to generate webhook and select channel

Please check it and let me know what i need to do

I am attached some images where i did not find that options to configure.!

Screenshot from 2022-06-28 14-37-18|623x219
Screenshot from 2022-06-28 14-40-30

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Please some acknowledge above my concern

Hey @davidt3 ,

Thanks for writing in!

Your first assumption is right, it would be the Slack host URL or the URL associated with your company. You do not need to generate one. See our documentation below

Let me know if you have questions

Yes i can able to integrate new relic to slack notification.

Now i had a concern about error inbox , if i had 3 servers for my APM , i want seperate error inbox for each server of same APM.

Is it possible to do , can you please more detail about error inbox and alerting

Hi Team,

Waiting for your update.

Hi Team,

I am trying to create a Alert condition policy using nrql, By default it is adding all APM in to this policy .

My requirement is i want to add few APMs from my account not all APMs in my account.

Please suggest me how to acheive this

For your reference i attached the images , it is getting all the APM i did not want staging APM to be listed there, please guide me how to build APM specific conditions.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @davidt3: You must use a WHERE clause in your NRQL to specify which applications you want to query:

...WHERE appName IN ('App 1', 'App 2', 'App 3')

Thanks @philweber for your quick reply.

Please correct my query

SELECT average(newrelic.goldenmetrics.apm.application.responseTimeMs) FROM Metric FACET entity.guid, appName where appName =‘balluun-api’

Please correct me above query if anything is wrong because i am unable to create a condition using above query.Screenshot from 2022-07-04 16-03-03

Its working now Thanks

@philweber @emurphy Please help me to create error inbox for each APM and each APM we have many servers, so i need to build a error box of each APM with seperate server.

In our APM Balluun-api server APM running with 3 servers , i need to build error inbox for each server of same APM

Thanks in advance

@philweber @emurphy

I need to clarifications more about error groups.

Please let me know the process how to create error group with specific APM

If all of the servers report to the same APM application, it is not possible to show errors from each server separately in Errors Inbox. In order to separate errors by server, you must have each server report to a separate APM application. You may find this document helpful: Use multiple names for an app | New Relic Documentation.

Thanks @philweber for your reply.

Please help me the process how to create a error group

Hi there @davidt3 -

This documentation may help you out. Error groups are automatically created for each workload.

Thanks @hross Thanks for your support .

I need more information regarding error inbox filtering. is there any way i want to filter the error logs in error inbox.

It is getting all APM error logs in error inbox, i will want APM specific error logs

Please help to find the way to filter.


Waiting for your update…


Hi @davidt3

For filtering the errors inbox, to my understanding it can be broken down as;

  • Unresolved
  • Resolved
  • Ignored

For additional information see the Errors status section here Error tracking with errors inbox | New Relic Documentation.

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to reach out with additional questions.

Thanks @dcody

But i need filtering based on the APM wise.

Hi @davidt3

The best way to filter it in my opinion is highlighted here Solve Errors Proactively with Errors Inbox - YouTube ( note I linked to the exact section to listen to ).

If its you are looking for something like a facet for the errors, this is currently not possible, as while it allows you to group by an entity. So it would mean that all entities are listed under one name, but then you are unable to drill into it further.

This is why I recommend the videos solution.

Thanks @dcody I will try and get back to you.