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Neewrelic.config alterartion and No Data!


I tried to make .net agent configuration as altering the newrelic.config file; but maybe some mistakes thats why i do not have data anymore(i had before).
I uninstalled the agent --several times— and install but the newrelic.config file comes with my last altered version with my possible mistakes. Can you please help?


Hi there,

Im sorry to hear you are having issues setting up our agent. I see you have made some changes to the default config file. Can I suggest you get it working with the out of the box config file and then, if it works make small changes to the .XML, while keeping the integrity of the the xml file. IE make sure all tags are closed. Let me know how you get on.

You can also check for any errors in your log files.



It is fixed. It was bwcause i did not delete config file from ProgramData folder:)