[.Net] File named libNewRelicProfiler.so in the x86 folder

Hi, We have tried these exact settings julia.aniskina was successful with above. We are trying the same on App Service, Linux and .Net 5.

When we added the nuget package, there was not a file named libNewRelicProfiler.so in the x86 folder. Only NewRelic.Profiler.dll was in the x86 folder.

This is MISSING → * CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH_32 : /home/site/wwwroot/newrelic/x86/libNewRelicProfiler.so

Is the libNewRelicProfiler.so the same in both folders? I assume not. Any updates we should be aware of?

Thank you,


Hi, jmckenna

We ended up specifiing all NewRelic variables in Enviroment Variables. You can do it in AppService on Azure Portal.
We don’t event open NewRelic folder in solution exprorer after nuget-package installation. So I can’t help you with any files in that folder, sorry.

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Thank you! That ended up working! Really appreciate it!