[.Net] Host info is missing after we update the New Relic agent on the app server

We recently update our New Relic Agent to on one of our app server. However, after we updated it, the app server is missing on the New Relic Monitor page.
Could you please help suggest what would be the cause? Thanks.

Hello @Fiona.Shen

After updating the New Relic Agent to, the App/ Agent should continue to report as normal and the app should appear in the New Relic Monitor page unless something went wrong with the update/ config is reading from default file again.

Here are a few things that you can check:

  1. Check if the logs are being generated, click here for details.

  2. If logs are being generated, open the most recent log file with the name like newrelic_agent and look for a line like Reporting to:
    This will be the URL where the app is reporting to. FYI: you will also see the Application name it’s reporting to the log file.

  3. If the there are too many logs in the folder and it’s unclear if logs are being generated. Clear the Logs folder and then perform an app restart/ IISRESET after the update of the Agent. Generate traffic on the app and then go back to step 1 and 2.

Finally, if your app is not reporting, we recommend that you step through the below guides.

Hopefully one of the above steps resolves your case. Do let us know how you get on.

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