New condition: monitoring stream interrupted

Requesting a new alerting condition that triggers when the incoming monitoring stream is interrupted for 5 minutes or longer. We do have synthetics probing the service, so we will know if the entire service goes down, but it would also be great to discover when the new relic agent is no longer sending data and for whatever reason the service is still up.

This would apply incoming stream from all types of NR agents - Server, Browser, APM, etc.

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An excellent feature request.

Although you may want to check


Thanks @stefan_garnham - this is helpful for when there’s an issue on the new relic side. Although with stream interruption alerts we could detect other issues such as:

  • app is incorrectly configured after a deployment, using the wrong app ID / license key
  • network conditions change and the new relic collector becomes unreachable
  • newrelic-sysmond crashed and has not recovered

Hope this helps clarify the feature request.

An excellent feature request, @mattfysh! I will send this on to the brilliant men and women in charge of the Alert’s Beta right now! :thumbsup:

@mattfysh , We now have official support for loss of signal.
Please read here:

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