New "errors" section not showing "errors"

Hello, in the past, a few weeks ago prior to newrelicone, when I would click “Errors” it would show the errors in a list. If I clicked it, it would show the logs related to the error.

Now, I see a graph showing errors but the page itself says 0, and shows no errors.

Is this a bug with the rollout or is there some hidden way to see actual errors / logs?

Hi there @rg1 -

If I understand you correctly, you are seeing errors on the APM overview page, but when you click through to the errors page, you are not seeing any errors there. I took a look at your account and do not see any difference between errors reported n APM overview and the errors page itself. If possible it would be great to get a screenshot or links so that I can see what you are and we can make sure we’re looking at at the same thing.


Hi, in the graph I see errors, but I do not see any details. In the past, each error would have a link I could click on to see more details (logs of the error) but now I don’t see any of that. Here is the screenshot:

Thanks @rg1 - I see what you are saying now. I’m not sure at first glance what is happening. I’d like to see if one of my colleagues in support can weigh in here. Hang tight for a response.

What’s your agent type and version?

Hey @rg1 - Just wondering if you are still seeing the issue and/or could share your agent type and version.