New Feature: Recurring scheduling of Muting Rules

We have recently released an update to our Muting Rules functionality that allows you to define recurring schedules for when the muting rule is active. Muting Rules already supported single instance scheduling, allowing you to specify a start time & date and an end time & date. Now, after setting start and end times, you may specify which of the following ways you would like the rule to repeat:

  • Daily: The rule will activate every day, between the times specified.
  • Weekly : The rule will activate every week, between the times specified, on the specific days of the week you choose.
  • Monthly : The rule will activate once a month, on the day of the month specified. In the screenshot below, if monthly were selected, the rule would activate every month on the 7th.

After specifying the recurring schedule, you can define when, or if, the schedule should stop. This can be specified as either a specific date, or a defined number of occurrences.


Is this intended to be available in the Terraform provider?

Based on the code, I see support was merged to the Go client which was in release v0.56.0 and that release was pulled into the Terraform provider in which was in release v2.15.1.

But the schema page ( doesn’t show “schedule” and my attempt to use it results in:

Error: Unsupported block type

  on line 94, in resource "newrelic_alert_muting_rule" "muting":
  94:   schedule {

Blocks of type "schedule" are not expected here.

Hi @ggreer, we do not actually offer support for Terraform at this time but I would advise following up with Terraform as they might have an update on their documentation.

Edit: Nevermind. The underlying code to support it is there but the provider’s schema hasn’t been updated by New Relic to expose the functionality, so it can’t (and isn’t expected to) work. That’s all I wanted to know.

Sorry to hear @ggreer but thank you for letting the community know!