New Relic Browser page broken

We have an account with New Relic through Heroku, and our New Relic Browsers page appears to be broken, though our APM page is working fine. All of the graphs on the Browser page show “No chart data available.” Data is being sent to our account, though, as the “Page views” Browser page has data coming in and a properly-rendering graph.

Our plan indicates we have “Browser Lite,” so I would think this would all be working. Can you advise what might be wrong here and how we can fix?



Hi Mark! @0fa5bd622b5a2435ba7b

Would you be able to share a screen shot of what you are seeing and possibly a link to your account?

With the Browser Lite agent running, you would see the Page Views data and summary charts, but wouldn’t see features like JavaScript Errors, Ajax Requests or Session Traces. If you could confirm which charts are not displaying data and where, I’m happy to continue to look into this. Thanks!

Yep, certainly. Here’s a screenshot of the “Summary” page with all charts non-functioning. We do have regular traffic to the site, and our APM stats are all working nicely, so I’d expect data to be flowing.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide.

Thanks for the screen shot @0fa5bd622b5a2435ba7b! These are charts for Core Web Vitals including metrics such as cumulative layout shift, first input delay and largest contentful paint. For more context, these charts are somewhat new to the UI, having been added a couple of weeks ago (to more easily see this data when in your application dashboard).

Here’s a link to the browser release notes as you are likely running an older version of the agent where support for these metrics hadn’t been added yet.

Please see requirements here in the documentation as in addition to Browser’s installation requirements, the PageViewTiming event requires Browser agent version 1153 or higher and a Browser Pro subscription.

If you are interested in these metrics, I would recommend taking a look at documentation and possibly updating to make use of these new features. Please let me know if you need anything else!

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Thanks for your response. We’re using version of the Python agent on a Django app, taking advantage of the auto-wrapping of our WSGI app for browser monitoring. I’ve verified that the JS bundle being loaded is version 1184.

It seems, therefore, that the issue is our Browser Lite subscription. From Googling, I’ve been unable to find anything authoritative, but various forums indicate that the Heroku Add-on subscription that we’re using cannot be configured to provide Browser Pro for any price - it just can’t be done.

This is surprising and disappointing, both because it leaves the front “Summary” page of the New Relic Browser experience largely broken and because the Heroku info page for New Relic misleadingly indicates that Browser monitoring is included. (screenshot attached)

Seems like there’s no realistic fix for now. Thanks for the info all the same - we’ll move on to other priorities.

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@0fa5bd622b5a2435ba7b Thank you for such a detailed run down of this issue. I can appreciate how disappointing this must be but I have passed this feedback to our team internally to see if anything can be done about this.

If you need anything else, please let me know and we can try and look into this further.