New Relic Flex integration with MySQL database


I am working on flex integration for mysql database, and after setting below details, I am not getting any output via entity from new relic portal. Even logs also not showing anything whether its working or not, is there any options available to validate db connections via new relic or other sections of below integrations…


  • name: nri-flex

    interval: 30s

    name: MySQLDbFlex
    - database: mysql
    db_conn: newrelic:password@tcp(localhost:3306)/mysql
    open: true
    # custom_attributes: # applies to all queries
    # host: localhost # custom host name atribute
    db_async: true # process queries async
    - name: MySQLShowStatus
    run: SHOW STATUS LIKE ‘Max%conn%’;
    custom_attributes: # can apply additional at a nested level
    attype: used-conns
    host: localhost

Is something I am missing here. specially db connection string.

Thanks in advance !!!

The connection string is built from the config parameters that you are using. Host+db_conn+driver=connection string (paraphrasing here). It looks like the host attribute is commented out in this snippet. Yaml is also sensitive to spaces and there are some missingin your snippet, but that may just be this discussion forum removing them.