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New Relic Insights - Unique user count for a service


  • I have a service that is consumed by a web client and mobile clients. I want to know the unique number of users for a given time range. I am (probably) able to do that for the webclient through the NewRelic Browser application, but I don’t know how to do this for Mobile (without using NewRelci Mobile). I was hoping to use the Transaction table on the service to query for unique user sessions, but there’s nothing similar in this table.

  • URL to the Insights dashboard that needs addressing:

  • NRQL queries you have tried so far:
    Select * from Transaction where appName=‘common-service’
    // common-service is the service exposing the APIs which are consumed by hosted web and mobile app clients.


Hi, @pd.wanjari: By default, New Relic APM does not capture any sort of unique user ID. If your service has some way to uniquely identify users, you can add the user ID as a custom attribute. Then you can query:

SELECT uniqueCount(yourCustomID)
FROM Transaction
WHERE appName = 'Your Application'


Thanks. Reading the below link it looks like such custom attributes will be only available for errors or tracing. If that’s the case, it won’t solve the problem.


Custom attributes are available in Insights as well.