New Relic Integration With Openresty (Nginx)


We are trying to integrate new relic transaction metric to our Openresty (Nginx) web server, we have not found any new relic agent we can use for the Openresty, can you help us in understanding what is the best way to integrate new relic with Openresty (Nginx)

Thank You,

Hi @harish.ramesh - welcome to the community!

We do not currently have an agent or integration that can bring in Openresty agents out of the box. That said, we know that customers need to monitor all the things! So we have an SDK for Infrastructure that allows you to bring in data from wherever you need.

Let us know if that looks like it gets you moving in the right direction or if you need something else.

Following up on this question.

Can we use the existing nginx integration to configure our openresty web server? Please correct me if I am wrong, from what I understood is that if we can enable nginx_status results from openresty then the nginx integrations should start reporting data.