New Relic Observability Map

In New Relic One Observability Maps, I am seeing that whenever I change the layout of the Map with custom that doesn’t save the state of the map. So, when I open the saved map the it again goes to initial distorted order. Is this a known issue or bug?

Hi, @Sujit_Tripathy: Observability Maps are an open-source New Relic application. I recommend that you file an issue here:


Hey @kpather - as the lead contributor on that project, any thoughts as to whether this is intentional?

Hey @hross @Sujit_Tripathy this is not intentional.
I would confirm if saving to account based storage the user is not a restricted user. If personal storage this shouldn’t occur.
The only other potential issue is if the map config is above 64kb which is a nerd storage size limitation.
But yes raising on GitHub with as much detail would be fantastic and a copy of the map config if possible.