New Relic One APM shows deleted apps in the "new view", no way to remove them

the New Relic One APM overview shows deleted applications when using “Show new view”. in the old view, they do not appear. additionally, the new view doesn’t have the ability to remove old apps.

Hi, @refusion: You may find this post helpful:


unfortunately deleting via the API does not work… as the api itself believes the applications are already deleted:

"error":{"title":"We didn’t find an application with the given ID: 57499360"}}

the application ids that were removed in the old gui but still show up in One aren’t even listed when using the /v2/applications.json endpoint, both in CLI and in the api explorer.

just to prove that the above app id still exists in One:


Is that application still there? I know that the New Relic One Entities list should re-index when there is a change, or every 4 hours (summary metrics update live, but the list is re-indexed every 4hrs).

It’s possible that the onChange didn’t pick up your API call to delete the app in this case, so may have waited for the re-indexing.

well I can look at / “browse” it in One if you mean that, but there’s no data as there are no agents reporting with these appnames anymore. and it’s not just 1 app, it’s like ~12 that are in this state in the affected account.

the removal through the old gui happened ~2 weeks ago, if there’s something waiting that long, NR better start using their own tools for their own system :slight_smile:

I also have the same issue. I used the API to remove applications as was recommended, but the new UI does not remove them. The apps are however removed from the API and the old UI.

I also have waited over a day with no change.

On a positive note Im really digging the new UI design tho :grin:

Hey @jwws Glad you’re enjoying the new UI :smiley:

Thanks for that confirmation @refusion & @jwws

We definitely do not expect the apps to remain in the UI for so long. I’m going to send this info over to our engineering teams to make them aware. I’ll follow up here if/when I get an update on this.


What’s the status of this issue? I’m also facing the same behaviour.

@guillermo.a.martinez at the moment, he API should remove them from both old and new UIs. But, if not then the Apps will be auto-removed from the UI 93 days after they stop reporting.