New Relic Plugin EOL - Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

How do we find or list the items using a plugin?

we are using the Apollo graphql plugin.Apollo Server plugin and Node.js | New Relic Documentation

I can’t find anything that replaces this. Will the reporting of transactions etc “just work”?

Hi team we used to monitor our application using plugin wherein we consume APIs of our app and then pass info to New relic plugin to generate alerts. Since plugin is going what would be the best alternative for it.

fyi, after logging support ticket: according to the docs this is not a New Relic plugin but rather a NodeJS ‘plugin’ for the APM agent. It is not being deprecated with the EoL plugins as it is technically a different type of application integration.

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@sysadm2 In the UI if you go to More —> Plugins are you able to see a list then?

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Ah, yes after clicking the not so intuitive tabs next to “Plugin central” - thank you @JoiConverse!

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We have a free account we are decommissioning but aren’t ready to yet. How I can check which plugins we are using? I hadn’t logged in in a very long time and I don’t know if we are using plugins. I assume Ruby integrations don’t use plugins?

If I have not navigated to More->Plugins in the last 30 days it apparently will not show up…but that means I cannot check to see what was being used. How can I get that access back to verify our standing prior to the 13th? thank you!!

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Hi @tschatz, I can get your request into a support ticket. Then we can reinstate your access so you can take a look to see what’s there.

Hi @wgarrido, I am going to get your request into a support ticket so we can discuss specifics around your account and the reporting Plugin.

You need to launch an additional instance which will work as a new relic data collector. And you need to install the newrelic infrastructure agent on it and make it configured to collect the metrics for your solutions with new relic flex.

Note. Suggest configuring the collector instance as the member of single member autoscaling group. Then this instance would restart automatically when having any issue. No further maintenance required once done.

Depending on solutions which you rely on, you need to make sure the protocol for accessing the service via Flex. For example, MongoDB Atlas offers mongo+srv:// but it needs to be converted accessible dns names or IP addresses. A Korea customer has migrated the plugin for MongoDB Atlas to this pull architecture. It works well. Good luck.

Currently our whole application’s infrastructure uses a shared library that was created to report JVM stats to NewRelic via a POST to the address. Is that no longer going to work after this update? I cannot simply change this before June 16th, there are a few hundred services currently reporting this way.

Is there a new endpoint where information can be sent in the same way?

Hi @anthony.intino1, I am going to look into this for you. I will reach out shortly with some more information. Thanks!

Hello New Relic Support Team,

Regarding the New Relic plugin that will be end of life this June 16 (New Relic Plugin EOL - Wednesday, June 16th, 2021), we didn’t get the notification and this change will break our integration. Can I discuss with the support team for an extension?
Thank you

Hey @jchau2, I can get this query into a support ticket so we can discuss the specifics around your account.