New Relic Terraform for multiple accounts

Following on from an earlier thread, I was looking to leverage New Relic’s Terraform provider to scale configuration management for multiple accounts without additional dependencies.

Since then, I’ve managed to prototype and open-source a project which delivers on this.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated, thanks.


Hey @rishav.dhar!

Thank you so much for sharing your project with us and for undertaking the work to begin with. You continue to be a very valuable community member!

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Thanks, @hross, appreciate it!

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This is amazing @rishav.dhar! Absolutely brilliant work!

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This helps me manage our three accounts in such an elegant way keeping it DRY and low maintenance. Thank you so much for sharing!

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Been a wee while since I looked at it last but reassuring to hear it’s worthwhile, thank you. :+1:

During your setup, did you come across any issues which could be addressed/improved within the repository?