New to New Relic - Looking for Automated Data Reports

I am looking for an automatic report to be generated on a weekly basis that reviews stats like CPU, availability etc that can be used for further analysis.

I appreciate any advice or recommendations!

Hey there @fantasyfootball, are you currently signed up for your account’s Weekly performance report? If you are and it’s not meeting your needs, just let us know what you’d like to see. If not, it’s a good first stop.

Hi Alexis,
I am new to NR too, I do receive the weekly perf report but I’d like to receive a data export from a dashboard I have created in NR. I don’t see the option to automatically receive my dashboard via email on a weekly basis. Is this something doable ?
Many thanks.

Hi, @paul.debruyne: New Relic does not offer a way to automatically email a dashboard. You may wish to add your voice to one of these feature ideas:

Hi @philweber, thank you for the quick feedback.
Maybe my question was not precise enough :slight_smile:.
What I’m trying to achieve is to get a weekly raw data extract automatically send by email, and I created a “dashboard” to get the raw data I’m interested by : Total weekly pageviews by domains. Maybe that is not the easiest way to do it ?

You can receive a weekly performance report by email, as documented here:, but New Relic has no way to send custom reports automatically by email.

Thanks @philweber, I do receive the weekly perf reports, but it does not contain the info/format I would need. Any other solution you can think of ? direct API connection ?
Many thanks

You may use the query API to get your data in JSON format. You would then have to figure out how to format it and send it as an email. New Relic does not offer any way to automatically email custom reports.