Newrelic agent error


I installed agent but in APM add screen, step 5 fails. No data coming.

I checked with ntdiag new relic tool. It says following message.

Error parsing Target .Net version strconv.ParseFloat: parsing “/>”: invalid syntax
See for more information.

Hey there, @serhat.toros! It is possible that your issue was caused by a service interruption that New Relic was having when you posted this.

Will you please confirm for us if you are still not seeing the data you expect to see? If so, I am happy to start troubleshooting with you.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!


I am also seeing this error. I have 2 .NET console applications, and running the nrdiag_x64.exe returns this error information. Neither of my console applications are reporting metrics to the APM dashboard at present.

I did have a period where one of these applications (it has self hosted WCF endpoints (HTTP)) were reporting metrics, while the other (non-IIS) did not.

From the nrdiag-output.json file:
“Result”: {
“Status”: “Error”,
“Summary”: “Error parsing Target .Net version strconv.ParseFloat: parsing “/\u003e\u003c/startup\u003e”: invalid syntax”,
“URL”: “”,
“FilesToCopy”: null,
“Payload”: null

HI @jason.field

Sorry you are having trouble with the NR-Diagnostics tool. I’ll note the error you reported and pass it on to the development team. But, rather than troubleshooting the troubleshooting tool, we should probably just look directly at your installation and see if we can troubleshoot it that way.

Can you tell me a little about the app you’re trying to monitor?

  • Is it an ASP.NET web application, or a console/service application?
  • Is it a .NET Framework application or a .NET Core application?
  • Do you get new log files created in the agent logs folder when you restart your application? The logs folder is at C:\ProgramData\New Relic\.NET Agent\Logs for the .NET Framework agent. For the .NET Core agent, it should be in the folder where you extracted the agent on your system.

If you’re not seeing any logs in the agent logs folder (or if the logs folder doesn’t exist) take a look at this article to start troubleshooting the issue.

Let me know if you have questions.



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