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Newrelic.appname causing two APM entries


I have newrelic.appname set in /etc/php5/mods-available/newrelic.ini as well as php_value newrelic.appname set in the Apache VirtualHost directive for the two applications running on the server. Now I have 3 entries under APM, one each for the Apache directives and one for newrelic.ini that is not reporting any metrics. I believe if I comment out the newrelic.ini entry it will just default and report as “PHP Application” anyway so I’ll still have 3 APM entries for 2 applications.

How do I get the PHP agent to only report on the app specifically names via VirtualHosts?


My guess is that you have some command line PHP that is also reporting which won’t use your Apache settings. php -i | grep newrelic.appname will show you if that is the case.

Based on your directory structure, I’m guessing you have Ubuntu and likely an /etc/php5/cli/ directory which symlinks to your /etc/php5/mods-available/newrelic.ini. If you remove that symlink for the command line PHP it will disable New Relic for the command line and you will no longer see that application showing up.

Ghost 'newrelic.ini' APM reporting
Ghost 'newrelic.ini' APM reporting