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Newrelic infra start after several attempts



New Relic Infrastructure Question Template

  • Please provide a Permalink so we can see the exact time and place you are:

  • Which version of Windows or which distribution of Linux are you using?
    Windows 2016\2019 DataCenter, Windows Core 2019

  • What version of the Infrastructure agent are you using?

  • What is your Infrastructure Subscription level? Essentials or PRO?

  • Describe what you are seeing. How does this differ from what you expected to see?

We use newrelic-infra a long time, but last half year newrelic-infra does not start automatically and start after several attempts:

After start agent works fine.

We observe this behavior on all of our windows machines.


Hi @artemtkachuk, I notice you are running an older version of the Agent, would you mind upgrading to v1.8.0 first and re-test to see if this issue is resolved? :slight_smile: