Newrelic not reporting data

When page loads I don’t see any request that reports data to newrelic (browser instrumentation).
I checked in firebug console when my app page loads no request has been made to “
When i see the sla report in my app after login to newrelic. I don’t see any data.
We are running app on rails 5 with jquery

Any suggestions/ thoughts?

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Hi @gkumar - You can check to see if the page has the New Relic script in the tag. Which method was used to instrument the page, copy and paste or APM?

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Might also want to check your privacy settings. Just discovered that is getting slammed as malware and privacy invading software:

as one example.

Check firefox’s web console; you’ll see a message like:

The resource at “” was blocked because tracking protection is enabled.

if it’s actually blocking it.

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we are using APM i.e this gem we installed and we have a valid newrelic license enabled.

Hi, @gkumar: If you have not already done so, you might go through the troubleshooting steps in the documentation:

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One other thought…Do you have PrivacyBadger installed as a Firefox add-on?

Thanks for jumping in, @arlen_walker and @philweber !

@gkumar: have you gotten any closer to a resolution here with all these suggestions?

I wanted to also point you to a resource that explains that you mentioned above.

Let us know what else you need! Thanks!

Nice to see you again, Lindsay. Since I’m who mentioned the domain and PrivacyBadger:

The explanation of the domain is helpful to we who use it, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop the blocking. For example the only way EFF’s PrivacyBadger will stop blocking NR is if you sign on to their privacy policy. (I’ve had this discussion with them already, you see, including that page.)

While I’m in sympathy with EFF’s goals for PrivacyBadger and their suggested policy, I have to admit their tactics in this case feel like a mafioso’s protection racket. (“That’s a lovely little tool you got there, boy…be a shame if anything happened to it.”) That, combined with the “I don’t care what the policy says, it’s isn’t our policy so it doesn’t count” attitude they displayed prompted me to break off the dialogue; I don’t enjoy banging my head against a wall. (In fact, it even tempted me to work out how to try and block any browser with Privacy Badger installed.)

I definitely see your perspective, @arlen_walker! I wish there was some satisfactory way to get you to a better place with all this. If I can do anything, let me know. Either way, I am happy this conversation lives in this forum because it might help future wonderers, and I think your point of view is a good one. :blush: