Newrelic on ubuntu 20.04 starting a lot of processes

So I have just migrated from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.4 and suddenly when I use htop I can see a lot of processes starting and using a lot of cpu 100% of it, not sure what would be the reason for this but when downgraded to ubuntu 18.04 it was all fine again. What could happen and what is the solution

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Hi @arthur23 -

It looks like Ubuntu 20 was released in April, just a couple of weeks ago. It is not yet a supported operating system for the Infrastructure agent.

You can see the compatibility docs here:

I don’t believe that it would be expected for there to be so many processes starting that your CPU is 100% used. But, while the OS is unsupported, it is also untested.

Until such a time that it is officially supported as per the docs above, we cannot guarantee the agents behaviour.

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3 month later, any updates ?

Hey @dsavelski I haven’t heard anything recently but I’ll check in on this and get your +1 added to the request for Ubuntu 20 support.